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Ground vapor intrusion services

O’Rourke is well-positioned to conduct ground vapor intrusion investigations and assess the risks to building occupants. These surveys are critical when assessing potential contamination at dry cleaners, service stations and other sites using volatile organic compounds and chlorinated hydrocarbons. We employ advanced ground vapor survey methodology to assess potential contamination risks from volatile chemicals and such naturally occurring sources as radon. We then advise as to precisely the steps to be taken to solve the problem and monitor each phase of remediation.

Our services include:

• Active soil vapor surveys
• Passive soil vapor surveys
• Flux chamber surveys
• Sub-slab sampling
• Near-slab sampling
• Indoor air sampling
• Semi-permanent vapor monitoring probes
• Experienced personnel and technicians following
   EPA and local regulatory accepted methods
• Sample collection at various depths and through multiple
   types of terrain and material